Keeping Kids Safe

Unit 1 Session 1: I Am Unique

Read By: Lori Holcomb

Unit 1 Session 2: I Am Special

Read By: Leigha Belcher

Unit 1 Session 4: I Am Fantastic

Read By: Jami Smith


Unit 1 Session 5: I am Loved

Read By: Loretta Boyd


Unit 2 Session 1: All Kinds of Families

Read By: Pamela Simpson

Unit 2 Session 2: Families Love and Care for Each Other

Read By: Jennifer Buol


Unit 2 Session 3: Friends are Special

Read By: Ashton D. AbdulRahman

Unit 2 Session 4: Friends Care About Each Other

Read By: Anna Jenkins

Unit 2 Session 5: Trusting Family and Friends

Read By: Andrea Turner

Unit 3 Session 1: Sad/Glad/Mad/Happy

Read By: Mrs. Amanda

Unit 3 Session 2: Surprised and Excited

Read By: Pam Williams

Unit 3 Session 3: I am scared of the Dark

Read By: Brianna VanOver

Unit 3 Session 4: Growing Up

Read By: Lisa Barnhart

Big Giant Feet.mp4

Unit 3 Session 5: Standing Up for Myself

Read By: Elizabeth Reed

Unit 4 Session 1: Listening

Read By: Chelsie Million

Unit 4 Session 2: Co-operation

Read By: Stephanie Bidiman

Unit 4 Session 3: Choices

Read By: Amy Carroll

KKS Unit 4 Problem Solving Session 4 Choices.mp4

Unit 4 Session 4: Choices

Read By: Carol Smith


Unit 4 Session 5: Asking for Help

Read By: Angela Childers

Unit 5 Session 1(General): My Body Belongs to Me

Read By: Marcella Maddalena


Unit 5 Session 2: Every Part Has a Name

Read By: Kaitlyn Atkins

KKS 5;2(2).mp4

Unit 5 Session 2: Exercise

Read By: Kaitlyn Atkins


Unit 5 Session 3(Age 4+): Momma's Friend

Read By: Carol Smith

Unit 5 Session 3: Taking Care of Me

Read By: Chelsea Rams

Unit 5 Session 4(Age 4+): Private Body Parts

Read By: Sharling Perez


Unit 5 Session 4 (Age 4+): Uncle

Read By: Amanda Holder

Keeping Kids Safe Unit 5 Lesson 1 Diapers.MOV

Unit 5 Session 1(Age 4+): Diapers

Read By: Amanda Manders


Unit 5 Session 2(Age 4+): A Visit to the Doctor

Read By: Rachel Gregory

Unit 6 Session 1: Street Safety

Read By: Jennifer Dodson

Unit 6_ safety around me Session 2 riding toy safety.mp4

Unit 6 Session 2: Riding Toy Safety

Read By: Meagan Lunsford

Unit 6 Session 3: Fire Safety

Read By: Lauren Sneed

Unit 6 Session 4: Water Safety

Read By: Hilary Freeman


Unit 6 Session 5: Car Safety

Read By: Chelsea Rams

Unit 6 Session 6: Strangers

Ready By; Anna Jenkins